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ICC CRICKET WORLD CUP 2019 is that the international championship of 1 Day International (ODI) cricket. The event is organized by the sport’s brass, the International Cricket Council (ICC), each four years, with preliminary qualification rounds leading up to a finals tournament. The tournament is one in every of the world’s most viewed sporting events and is taken into account the “flagship event of the international cricket calendar” by the independent agency.

The first tourney was unionized in England in June 1975, with the primary ODI match having been contend solely four years earlier. However, a separate Women’s Cricket tourney had been control 2 years before the primary men’s tournament, and a tournament involving multiple international groups had been control as early as 1912, once a triangular tournament of check matches was contend between Australia, England and African nation.

The primary 3 World Cups were control in England. From the 1987 tournament forwards, hosting has been shared between countries below associate unofficial rotation system, with fourteen independent agency members having hosted a minimum of one match within the tournament.

The World Cup is receptive all members of the International Cricket Council (ICC), though the highest-ranking groups receive automatic qualification. The remaining groups are determined via the globe Cricket League and also the independent agency tourney Qualifier. a complete of twenty groups have competed within the eleven editions of the tournament, with fourteen competitory within the latest edition in 2015; the subsequent edition in 2019 can have solely 10 groups.

Australia has won the tournament 5 times, with the West Indies, Republic of India (twice each), Asian country and Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka (once each) additionally having won the tournament. the simplest performance by a non-full-member team came once Republic of Kenya created the semi-finals of the 2003 tournament.

The 2019 independent agency Cricket tourney is that the twelfth edition of the Cricket World Cup, regular to be hosted by England and Wales,from thirty could to Bastille Day 2019.The hosting rights were awarded in April 2006, when England and Wales withdrew from the bidding to host the 2015 independent agency Cricket tourney, that was control in Australia and New Zealand.

The primary match are contend at The Oval whereas the ultimate will be played at Lord’s. it’s the fifth time that the Cricket tourney are control in England and Wales, following the 1975, 1979, 1983 and 1999 World Cups.

The format for the tournament are one cluster of ten groups, with every team enjoying the opposite 9 once, and therefore the top four at the tip of the cluster section getting to the semi-finals. The 10-team tournament has gained criticism thanks to the dearth of Associate groups within the tournament.

Given the rise of the Test-playing nations from ten to twelve, with the admission of eire and Afghanistan in June 2017, it’ll be the primary tourney to be oppose while not all of the check enjoying nations being gift,and when the elimination of all the Associate groups at the qualifying tournament, this may even be the primary tourney to feature no Associate members.

Following the 2019 Pulwama attack, many former Bharatn players and therefore the Board of management for Cricket in India (BCCI) needed the boycott of the cluster match fixture between India and West Pakistan, desirous to ban the West Pakistan team from enjoying within the tournament.

However, when conducting a press meet in port, the International Cricket Council (ICC) rejected the BCCI’s statement concerning forbidding West Pakistan from the globe Cup and guaranteed that the regular match can plow ahead as planned despite the continuing standoff between the 2 nations.

The 2019 tourney can feature ten groups, a decrease from previous World Cups in 2011 and 2015 that featured fourteen groups. The hosts, England, and therefore the prime seven different groups within the ICC sooner or later International rankings as of 30 Sep 2017 attained automatic qualification, with the remaining 2 spots being set by the 2018 Cricket tourney Qualifier.

At the time of the announcement of the qualification structure, ICC Associate and Affiliate members, United Nations agency were secure four spots within the previous 2 tourney tournaments, can be painted by at the most 2 groups, and probably none the least bit if they were overwhelmed by all-time low graded Full Members within the Qualifier. It conjointly meant that a minimum of 2 of the ten check taking part in nations at the time of the announcement would should play within the qualifying tournament, and will probably miss the planet Cup finals entirely.

Following recent success, Eire and Asian nation were promoted into the ICC ODI Championship and have conjointly since been promoted to full members of the ICC, turning into the latest check cricketing nations. However, they still required to qualify for the planet Cup via this method.

Afghanistan won the qualifying tournament defeating the archipelago within the final. each groups qualified for the planet Cup, whereas Republic of Zimbabwe despite hosting the qualifying tournament did not reach the ultimate and can miss the planet Cup for the primary time since 1983.Recently appointed full member eire will miss the planet Cup for the primary time since 2007 and for the first time ever no Associate nation are collaborating within the tourney.

Before the first Cricket World Cup

The first international match was contend between Canada and therefore the us, on twenty four and twenty five September 1844. but, the primary attributable match was contend in 1877 between Australia and European nation, and therefore the 2 groups competed often for The Ashes in ensuant years. South Africa was admitted to check standing in 1889. Representative cricket groups were chosen to tour one another, leading to bilateral competition. Cricket was additionally enclosed as associate Olympic sport at the 1900 Paris Games, wherever nice kingdom defeated France to win the laurel wreath. This was the sole look of cricket at the Summer Olympic Games.

The first trilateral competition at international level was the 1912 Triangular Tournament, a take a look at cricket tournament contend in European nation between all 3 Test-playing nations at the time: England, Australia and South Africa. ICC WORLD CUP 2019 The event wasn’t a success: the summer was exceptionally wet, creating play troublesome on damp uncovered pitches, and attendances were poor, attributed to a “surfeit of cricket”. Since then, international take a look at cricket has usually been organized as bilateral series: a trilateral take a look at tournament wasn’t organised once more till the triangular Asian take a look at Championship in 1999.

The number of states enjoying take a look at cricket inflated bit by bit over time, with the addition of archipelago in 1928, New island in 1930, Asian country in 1932, and Pakistan in 1952. However, international cricket continued to be contend as bilateral take a look at matches over 3, four or 5 days.

In the early Sixties, English county cricket groups began enjoying a shortened version of cricket that solely lasted for someday. beginning in 1962 with a four-team knockout competition referred to as the Midlands Knock-Out Cup, and continued with the inaugural discoverer Cup in 1963, one-day cricket grew in quality in European nation. A national Sunday League was fashioned in 1969. the primary One-Day International match was contend on the fifth day of a rain-aborted match between European nation and Australia at Melbourne in 1971, to fill the time on the market and as compensation for the pissed off crowd. it absolutely was a forty over game with eight balls per over.

In the late Seventies, Kerry Packer established the rival World Series Cricket (WSC) competition. It introduced several of the currently commonplace options of 1 Day International cricket, together with colored uniforms, matches contend at nighttime underneath floodlights with a white ball and dark sight screens, and, for tv broadcasts, multiple camera angles, effects microphones to capture sounds from the players on the pitch, and on-screen graphics. the primary of the matches with colored uniforms was the WSC Australians in wattle gold versus WSC West Indians in coral pink, contend at VFL Park in Melbourne on seventeen January 1979. The success and recognition of the domestic one-day competitions in European nation and alternative elements of the planet, likewise because the early One-Day Internationals, prompted the Interstate Commerce Commission to contemplate organising a Cricket tourney.

The inaugural Cricket tourney was hosted in 1975 by England, the sole nation able to advance the resources to stage an incident of such magnitude at the time. The 1975 tournament started on seven June. ICC CRICKET WORLD CUP 2019 The primary 3 events were command in England and formally called the prudent Cup once the sponsors prudent plc. The matches consisted of sixty six-ball overs per team, contend throughout the daytime in ancient kind, with the players sporting cricket whites and victimisation red cricket balls.ICC CRICKET WORLD CUP 2019

Eight groups participated within the 1st tournament: Australia, England, India, New Sjaelland, Pakistan, and also the the Indies (the six check nations at the time), along with country and a composite team from geographical region.

One notable omission was African nation, United Nations agency were illegal from international cricket because of social policy. The tournament was won by the the Indies, United Nations agency defeated Australia by seventeen runs within the final at Lord’s. Roy Fredricks of the Indies was the primary batsmen United Nations agency got hit-wicket in ODI throughout the 1975 tourney final.

The 1979 tourney saw the introduction of the Interstate Commerce Commission Trophy competition to pick out non-Test enjoying groups for the planet Cup, with country and Canada qualifying. The the Indies won a second consecutive tourney tournament, defeating the hosts England by ninety two runs within the final.

The 1983 event was hosted by England for a 3rd consecutive time. By this stage, country had become a Test-playing nation, and Republic of Zimbabwe qualified through the ICC WORLD CUP 2019 Interstate Commerce Commission Trophy. A fielding circle was introduced, thirty yards (27 m) faraway from the stumps.

Four fieldsmen required to be within it the least bit times. The groups round-faced one another doubly, before entering into the knock-outs.

India, Associate in Nursing outsider, quoted at 66–1 to win by bookmakers before the competition began, were topped champions once displeasing the the Indies by forty three runs within the final.